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Strategic Advisory

Set goals.Evaluate opportunities.Build your future.

Let’s say you have a vision for your company going from point A to point B (B= Better), but you don’t know what exactly B looks like or how to get there. You need guidance. That’s where we come in. We start with an in-depth assessment of our clients’ current position and then build a strategic plan based on competitive factors and time horizons.

Strategic planning aims to help companies:

Plan for the growth of their business

Expand to new markets

Problem solve for stalled growth

Develop a competitive advantage

Diversify products

Explore options in a changing business landscape due to technology/demographics/demand

Expanding your business

Licensing product

Forming a strategic supply/distribution alliance

Merging or acquiring another business

Expanding globally

Offering your business as a franchise

Opening up an online retail operation

Primary/Secondary Market research

Focused on feasibility of growth strategy ( Go/ No go decision)

Explore Options To Grow Your Business With Groupone

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