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Operational Improvement

The operations of a business are its infrastructure; if weak it will siphon resources and revenue, while a strong network of internal processes will provide a foundation for future profits. We evaluate organizations by the efficiency and effectiveness of their individual parts and how they create value for the whole.

We see the internal processes of organizations which contain interconnected departments and personnel.

Operations Management (Supply, Production, Distribution, Risk Management)

Customer Management (Selection, Acquisition, Retention, Growth)

Innovation Processes (Opportunity Identification, R&D, Design & Development, Launch)

Regulatory and Social Processes (Environment, Safety and Health, Employment, Community)

Cash Conversion Cycle

Cash Management (Sources and uses of cash)

Vendor Management

Cost Cutting/Efficient resource utilization

Hiring, skill-level, and training of employees

Systems analysis

Payment processing

Internal communications

Cash management

Efficient inventories/parts ordering

Marginal benefit of labor

Investment in capital improvements

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