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Our Approach

Needs-Based Methodology

Our services-mixis needs-based and flexible, determined entirely by a business’s needs. Each of our engagements is custom-designed to deliver a specific measurable result.

Our evaluation process starts with two simple questions:

1. What can be done better? (Operations & Financials)


Sustained success is built upon effective and efficient operations. From Marketing/Sales to HR and IT, we take a detailed approach to understanding our client’s business and how they contribute to the overall company. Process improvements helps productivity and profitability.

We breakdown Internal Processes into 4 component parts:

Operations Management (Supply, Production, Distribution, Risk Management)

Customer Management (Selection, Acquisition, Retention, Growth)

Innovation Processes (Opportunity Identification, R&D, Design & Development, Launch)

Regulatory and Social Processes (Environment, Safety and Health, Employment, Community)


The right investments today can bear fruit tomorrow. We help our clients take a long term view of their company and focus their resources in areas that will provide the most benefit in the future. The most effective mechanism contributing to the success of an organization is the optimization of Income and expenses in budget planning. Our objective is the alignment of our client’s financial position with the strategies and needs of their business in order to create long-term value.

The following areas need special attention when considering the future:

Identify business risk

Identify expense reduction areas

Identify areas for future growth

Align strategic planning with financial management

Evaluate debt or equity investment opportunities

Resolve solvency and liquidity issues

2. What can be done differently? Strategy

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare” –Japanese Proverb

What does the future of your business look like? It’s an important question that’s all too often left unanswered. Do you have a vision for where your business could be?

Without the right strategic planning, how much of that future will be left up to chance or outside forces?

Regardless of if your goals are short or long-term, we will help you define the future of your business. Even more than that, let’s say you want to get from point A to point B, but you don’t know where point B is, we can help.

Our software platform provides analysis, competitive positioning, and metric tracking so our clients have the tools and resources to understand their present and plan for their future.

Measurable Deliverables (Results)

Results matter. We use metrics that matter to our clients, those that will directly help their business (the top and bottom line).

Goal Planning

As advisors, we like to develop long-term partnerships with our clients in order to guide them through opportunities and obstacles they may face during an important time in their life-cycle. From our experience, growing is a marathon and not a sprint.

Expert-Systems Applications

As part of our long-term partnerships with clients, we offer an integrated software platform (Guruplus) that takes a lot of uncertainty and informational disorganization out of both the day to day and long term planning of the business. The software can also provide analytical guidance on business, pricing and marketing plans.



Formulate you sales strategy and tactics

Analyze your potential through a structured process that defines your SWOT

Plan strategies around your strengths

Monitor metrics that provide feedback on the success of your strategy and will help to change tactics when needed


Investor Financing

Internal Planning

Bank Financing


The price of any good or service is what a buyer will pay for it, but determining the right price to maximize your profits can be challenging. Coming up with the right price can require the right mix of science and skill, and luckily for our clients we have developed both from our experience.

Determine the Optimal Price by considering the goals of either maximizing profits or capturing market share

Evaluate your sales potential

Consider the financial projections

Clarify your pricing objectives

Document your pricing strategy

Determine a rational basis for pricing from

Pricing objectives

Risk factors

Internal price pressures

External price pressures

Management support


The Marketing Plan will help to:

Define marketing potential and opportunity

Identify risks, problems and trade-offs

Guide operations and manage growth

Consider every facet of market

Document funding decisions

Focus critical thinking about strategy

Challenge assumptions

Examine alternative strategies

Define personnel and resources required

Customize a customer acquisition plan

Prepare marketing materials

Plan tactical need for marketing

Find SEO partners to implement an e-commerce strategy

Prepare mass outreach/multimedia strategies proposals

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